What is Conservatism?

Conservatism is a political philosophy. It is an approach to solving problems and a framework for making decisions that any people can adopt for their government. It provides the best opportunity to solve the great challenges that face Americans while letting us experience the most freedom and opportunity. We invite you to read through our principles and consider Conservatism as a way to govern America.


Morality Is Universal and Absolute

Moral laws exist, are unchangeable and apply to everyone. As proof, we all agree it is wrong to steal because nobody likes to be stolen from themselves. Nobody believes it is ok if they are stolen from tomorrow or today, or that it was right if they were stolen from in the past. Furthermore, nobody believes it is permissible for some people to steal, but not others. It doesn't take much work to arrive at the conclusion that stealing is morally wrong and has been morally wrong since the beginning.

At some point, our creator will hold us accountable to the moral laws we have been given. Wise people will seek to understand and apply these laws instead of trying to redefine them in an attempt to justify evil. After all, we will be judged on how well we have kept the law as it was given to us, not by how we interpreted it. When Americans consider any issue, we should do so while keeping these absolute moral laws in mind:

  • It is wrong to lie or distort the truth.
  • It is wrong to steal.
  • It is wrong to murder (especially innocent unborn children).
  • It is wrong to commit adultery.
  • It is wrong to envy another person's wealth.
  • It is good to love our enemies.
  • It is good to give to charity.
  • It is good to sacrifice time, energy and wealth to help others.
  • It is good for one man to marry one woman.
  • It is good to work hard.

Place Wisdom and Reason, Before Emotion and Action

We believe it is important to consider ALL factors when making decisions for the country. Every decision has long term and short term consequences and we generally prefer to focus on the long term aspects of any choice. It is foolish to make knee-jerk decisions based on emotions which make people feel better, but fail to find solutions. Rushing into decisions often leads to more problems; one only needs to look at the out of control debt in America to see the results of our unwise policy choices.


Support Limited and Local Government

Our government should have as little power as possible; it only exists to support us, not rule us. When government must exist, it should operate as close to the people as possible and this means putting an emphasis on Local and State governments. Citizens should be able to define laws that make sense in their particular communities without the federal government imposing a top down bureaucracy on everyone. It’s unrealistic to think that people in the Bible belt are ever going to agree with liberals from California on social issues, and both should be given the freedom to pursue happiness as they fit within their own State.

Our great country is too vast and too diverse to have power consolidated in the hands of a few elected officials. As politicians become more entrenched and isolated from their constituents they tend to become more corrupt and power hungry. Power should stay with the people.


Limit Taxes

We acknowledge that taxes are necessary to provide for the security and services enjoyed by our country, but we reject the idea that the government has the right to take over 50% of our income as it does today when one considers all of the taxes and fees levied against us. We believe people understand best how to spend their own money and deserve the right to enjoy most of the fruit of their labor. Furthermore, the government engages in outright theft when it steals our income tax each payday and gives us what is left over. Businessness pay estimated taxes quarterly and the same standard should be applied to every citizen.

We support radically changing the American tax code by adopting a Fair Tax or Flat Tax system. Instead of our current tax code (which is nearly seven times the size of the Bible), a Flat or Fair Tax would remove the unfair burden of heavy taxation on all of us and trigger greater American prosperity. The Fair Tax would even remove the need for the entire IRS!


Embrace Diversity

America is a land of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual diversity. We embrace this great medley of individuality even when we do not agree with our fellow countrymen. We further acknowledge that everyone is born with different strengths and weaknesses and we do not accept that people should be given preference on the basis of skin color or social background. Instead, people should rise or fall based on the content of their character, work ethic, intellect and ability, as well as the love they possess in their heart for their fellow man.


Everyone Works, Everyone Pays

We believe every life has value and everyone can contribute in some way to making the world a better place. We see no need to give handouts to people who choose laziness over hard work. We see long term problems in giving entitlements to people who have not earned them. Today, almost half the country does not pay any Federal income tax and those same people have their lives funded by hard working, patriotic American’s. Instead, we argue that everyone should work and everyone should pay taxes.

Government should encourage people to innovate and become more efficient. It should reward citizens that are self-sufficient and encourage people who create opportunity and give generously. Instead, we have politicians who seek power and control by providing free services to people who are all too happy to receive handouts in exchange for their votes. In the short term, this arrangement kills the self-worth and motivation of people who participate and in the long run it will destroy the America we love.


Empower Small Business

Small Business is the great engine of America. Without hard working, inspired and innovative American's fueling growth we will have no hope of a wide-spread prosperous future. While there certainly is a role for having a government that can organize and provide momentum to tackle some kinds of projects, most of the time it fails; our government simply lacks the oversight and ingenuity that business owners bring to the table. Policies that incentivize people to LIFT THEMSELVES out of poverty and reward them when they find success are the keys to our future prosperity.


Support Free Market Capitalism

Free markets give power to the people by letting them choose organizations, values and products that are the most useful. Because of competition in a free market, prices tend to go down while quality and service goes up. We fully support Americans who create wealth while pouring their life into following their dream, as long as their goals are noble.

While we are fully invested in a free market system, we understand that there are bad people in the world. Some targeted safe guards and targeted regulations are necessary to help protect against people who abuse our system. However, all regulations divert power away from citizens and drive up cost for everyone. For that reason we encourage limiting regulations as much as possible and enforcing harsh punishment on people who choose immoral business practices.

We reject the idea that a group of elected people have any more collective wisdom then the rest of us. It is not the role of the government or anyone else to determine when any person has been rewarded enough; the market will decide. It is not the role of the government to pick winners and losers; the market will decide. Instead, we support the original intent of our forefathers: let the people decide.


Pursue Peace Through Strength

Ronald Reagan said it best in his 1981 inaugural address, “We will maintain sufficient strength to prevail if need be, knowing that if we do so we have the best chance of never having to use that strength.” This policy was true in 1981 and it is still true today. American’s should be prepared to use overwhelming force when necessary to defend ourselves, allies and way of life.


Champion American Exceptionalism

America is the greatest country to ever exist in the entire history of the Earth. It has done more to promote beloved values such as Liberty, Justice, Opportunity and Honor than any other nation. In addition, American’s are collectively the most prosperous, charitable and innovative people on the planet.

We do not have to apologize for our success and we should ignore nations who cry and whine about our values. Anyone who complains about what is good and right has malice and evil their hearts, and for a long time, America has been what is good and right about this world.

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